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Here’s a core workout that you can do between 10-20 mins with rests.

  • Beginners 1-2 rounds 5-10 mins

  • Intermediate 2-3 rounds 10-15 mins

  • Advanced 3-4 rounds 15-20 mins

  • Go straight from one exercise onto the next, when all 4 are completed take 1 min rest and repeat up to 4 rounds.








1. Single leg V ups to bent knee - x 20 reps (x 10 each leg)

Lying on your back bring arms up overhead & extend your legs, press your lower back into the floor to protect back and engage your core. Exhale and lift one knee into towards your torso as you simultaneously lift upper body up off the floor. Lower back down under control as you inhale. 

Repeat alternating knees.

Progression bring straight leg up rather than bent at knee.


2.  Plank on elbows alternating knee drops- x 20 reps (x 10 each leg)

Set up elbows under shoulders, palms facing each other or flat on floor with firearms parallel. Be up on your toes and ensure your is body making a straight line parallel to floor. 

Engage core, tighten glutes and slowly bend one knee to brush the mat and then straighten without moving your hips or shoulders. Alternate knee drops keeping stability in the whole body - breathe! 


3. Floor wipers x 20 (x 10 each side)

Lie on back and extend arms out to side level with chest. Lift legs up and bring together and straight over hips (bend at knees for easier option if you can’t keep your back pressed down) flex ankles and bring legs down to one side then the other. Inhale take legs out and exhale bring them back into centre. Keep shoulders pressed into the mat. Lift firearms up to make more challenging and advanced cross arms over your chest. 


4. Reverse curl x 20 reps with x 10 on each side

Lie on your back, hands behind head, cross ankle over bent knee and lift leg up to press lower back into mat and engage core.

Exhale and draw your tail bone and lower back up off the floor, inhale to slowly lower under control (don’t just drop back into the mat 😊). To make this more challenging push your ankle back into your knee to create more resistance for that pull in. This is a small controlled movement. 

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