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See what our lovely clients say about My Bodyworks Pilates & Fitness


"Annaliese is an outstanding fitness and Pilates instructor, the best I have encountered in Auckland. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and is able to adapt her Pilates classes to accommodate all levels of fitness and any injuries one may have. I love her positive energy, her highly effective and safe workouts are the highlight of my week.

I coudn't recommend Annaliese's Pilates & Fitness classes and her as a person more highly. "


"As a busy mum of three, working full-time and now in my mid-40s, I know the importance of taking time to look after my health. I have been attending Pilates classes with Annaliese for 3 years and absolutely love them. The combination of muscle strengthening exercises with focus on flexibility, balance and core trains the body as a whole, and I have noticed marked improvement in my posture, body tone and coordination as a result. The classes are varied in terms of the exercises and modalities used and Annaliese’s instructions are purposeful and clear with each exercise flowing seamlessly from one to the next. Focus is predominantly on using our own body weight, but Pilates equipment such as blocks, straps, balls, rings and tea towels (!) make each lesson interesting and fun. Annaliese’s pilates classes are suitable for everyone. My 71 year old mum has joined me on several occasions and loves them too. The Pilates classes are generally small and whether you are a beginner or have been going for a while Annaliese always takes time to give individual guidance to anyone who needs it. For anyone who wants to improve their physical strength, flexibility and general sense of well-being, I thoroughly recommend they try a class!"


"I’ve been doing Pilates classes for over 20 years and have to say, Annaliese’s classes are my favourite! Annaliese varies the Pilates routine every time so it’s never boring - and she always knows exactly how much to push us.

Because she’s so experienced, she also knows how to 'change it up or down' depending on the levels and abilities of participants. She gently advises us if we need help and her knowledge of both Pilates and the body is amazing.

Whether you’ve done Pilates before or not, join this class! "


"I have been going to Annaliese's Pilates classes for over a year now and can really feel the benefit. She has not only helped me improve my muscle tone and flexibility but also my posture and how I sit and stand on a daily basis. That makes a huge difference when sitting at my desk for work or running after my children.

Every Pilates session is slightly different which I love. It never gets boring so I intend to do Pilates for as long as Annaliese offers it!"


"I’ve been attending My Bodywork Pilates & Fitness classes with Annaliese for three years.  For someone who has never been a fan of exercising indoors, Annaliese’s classes are varied and interesting.  My strength and fitness have both improved and are maintained so that after the initial shock to my body when I started, I’ve not had to go through that again!  Most important for me from a quality of life perspective, my headaches are much less frequent and my core and postural muscles have been reawakened.  These regular Pilates classes have resulted in my being able to enjoy my outdoors activities with better balance and less injuries.  Thanks Annaliese!"

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